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Matt Hakiaha & Brad Haami

We start the Atuatanga series with Matua Hakiaha and Brad Haami as we explore Māori spirituality and cosmology. Matua has had a career working for the NZ parole board as well as being involved in Christian ministry with churches and Laidlaw College for decades. He has been a key instigator of the Indigenous Theology track at Laidlaw. Brad is an author, storyteller and media producer.

We discuss this topic from both a Māori and Christian lens as we chat about what is compatible and antithetical to both worldviews. The hope in exploring this topic is to help us be faithful custodians of creation that is hardwired with invisible realities. Atua & Angels Part 1 & 2 are the introduction podcasts to our Atuatanga series that will continue in 2018.

Erin Ruka