Huia Come Home





Huia e huia, tangata kotahi!
Huia, your destiny is to bring everyone together!
Māori proverb

Once the sacred guardian of New Zealand’s native forests, the huia was a symbol of the land’s unique beauty and spirituality. The rare bird’s tragic extinction in the early 1900s represents a shot to the heart of Aotearoa and is a potent metaphor for a country’s conflicted history.

Using the story of the untimely extinction of the huia, Jay Ruka offers a fresh perspective on the narrative of Aotearoa; a tale of two cultures, warring worldviews, and the things we lost in translation.

Revisiting the early missionaries, the transformative message of the gospel and the cultural missteps of the Treaty of Waitangi, Huia Come Home invites us to reconnect with the unique story offered by the indigenous Māori lens.

In relearning the history that lies in the soil of Aotearoa, we might just find a shared hope for the future and a recovery of national treasures once thought to be extinct.

“I loved this book and the challenge it offered. I am a proud New Zealander - although I am not proud of parts of our history. Huia Come Home helped me place myself in our nation’s story - it provided insight, information and a wero (challenge) to live better. Every New Zealander should hear this real life story, it has changed how I see myself and our nation - I am excited to better understand how we can move forward together, and where that could take us.” -Petra Bagust 

”Jay is part of a new breed of prophetic writers who are inspiring us to embrace in a new way the story of our land... this is a story full of hope and one that needs to be read by all.” -Fraser Hardy (LinkNZ)

”This metaphorical treatise offers a rich tapestry of carefully researched history, extending an invitation to embrace and share in the stewardship of this beautiful whenua.”  - Linda Burson Swift (Edge Kingsland)


Maryanne Shearman (from Taranaki) is best known for her crisp paintings of New Zealand landscapes, often featuring birds. We were privileged to have her illustrate Huia Come Home, bringing to life our ideas and dream.  Please visit her website to see and buy her beautiful work, including her original illustrations drawn specifically for Huia Come